Feb 1, 2012


Some days catch you by surprise. Monday was one of those days for me. I had a meeting in Nashville with Dave Pittman, his manager and Dave Bechtel a phenomenal producer. Dave Pittman is a new artist that got his start on American Idol and he recently released his first album entitled "Crazy Brave". On Monday we had a meeting and up to that point I had not heard him sing the songs that I wrote on his record. After our meeting he gave me a copy of his Cd and I was completely caught by surprise, in one of those "Yeah, now that's what I am talking about" kind of ways. This guy can really bring it when he sings. Check out this killer version of "Sometimes You Fall". He destroyed it! 

Dave has an inspiring story for anyone who knows what its like to face obstacles that appear to be dream killers. Check it out @ www.davepittmanlive.com/  I am honored to have contributed "Sometimes You Fall" and "Save the Day" to Dave Pittman's  "Crazy Brave" album.  Check him out on Itunes and show him some love...buy his Cd!!