Josh Wicker is a husband, father and follower of Christ and Worship Pastor in Gainesville, Florida.

Josh's songs are gaining acceptance in churches throughout the United States and his hope is that everything about his music and life will point people to Jesus. His music has been influenced by the road to life God has led him down, including eight years in the Marine Corp reserve, two tours in the Middle East, and a Purple Heart awarded with a medal for valor during combat operations in Iraq. Josh has learned personally that God is faithful, He is good, He loves us and we can trust Him.

On any given day you will find Josh stealing hugs and kisses from his daughter Brooklynn, playing Legos with his son Grayson, holding his baby Hudson and enjoying the sweet gift of time with his wife Allison. Josh's prayer is simply that he will follow well.


Coffee: Carmel Macchiato

Leaders: Andy Stanley & Craig Groeschel

Top Music Influencers: Rich Mullins 

TV Show: This Is Us

Food: Poppyseed Chicken with Tabasco sauce

Time of Day: When I get home

Movie: Saving Private Ryan and Hurt Locker

Snack Food: Saltine Crackers & Ginger Ale

Outdoor Activity: Hiking Trails