Dads! Thank you for loving us with a sacrificial love, thank you for leading us by your example, and thank you for answering the deepest questions in our hearts. We wouldn't be the same without you.

Don't Mess It Up from Grace at Fort Clarke on Vimeo.

We are living in a  Smoothie King Society… religiously speaking.
"I’ll take a little bit of this religion, a little bit of that philosophy, a little bit of that meditation and just blend it all together until...Voila! My very own personal, spiritual experience. 

Does what we believe about Jesus matter?
Is he exclusively God or is he just another way to God? Who is Jesus beneath the surface?

It's In Your Hands from Grace at Fort Clarke on Vimeo.

Jesus is stealthy. He is covert. Even when it looks like the devil is winning, Jesus is working.
In fact, today God is doing so much more in your life than meets the eye.
He see's your life a billion years from now and His grace is working it's purpose beneath the surface.

Don't Miss Your Moment from Grace at Fort Clarke on Vimeo.

Ever miss your moment? Maybe a daughters recital or a son's game? Maybe a chance to show kindness? Maybe a chance to stand up for what's right? We all have! In part three of "The Greatest Leader" we find that Jesus never misses his moment and that when compassion takes action, the gospel gets traction. 

The Glorious Impossible from Grace at Fort Clarke on Vimeo.

 God isn’t hindered by our impossibilities. In part two of Worship The King, Mary is going to show us that if it is absolutely impossible for you, it’s just right for God.


Do The Nehemiah from Grace at Fort Clarke on Vimeo.

 Generations had passed and the walls of Jerusalem were still rubble until one man took it upon himself to do something about it. 

God of Second Chances

Ever said "yes" to something you wish you would have said "no" to? Ever done something that felt right in the moment but in the end it was all wrong? We all have. Check out this message and in this new year may you come to better know the God of endless second chances!

Third Place Wins The Race

If life was a race - We'd all want to win, wouldn't we? Though what if getting first place was never really the point? What if, in God's Kingdom, third place wins the race?

Hope Of The World

Undying Hope

In part two of Hope is Everything we are reminded by the life and writings of Peter, the Apostle of Hope, that hope is not just a feeling - hope is a person. Even if your story is filled with pain and problems now, God is working everything for your good and for His glory for eternity. His love for us, His power over the grave, and His promises to us give us this Undying Hope.

Kick the Can

Everyone's looking for it and no one seems to be able to find it. The Rolling Stones said it best in their 1965 hit, “I can’t get no... ”. In part three of "Walk This Way" Jesus offers the woman at the well something her soul needs profoundly as her body needs water.